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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

Manual folding garage Questions and Answers

Manual folding garage
Questions and Answers

Question: What is it made of?

Answer: The main components are a powder-coated high-strength steel frame covered by a durable Oxford fabric.

Q: How is the garage fixed to the surface?

Answer: The frame is attached to a rigid surface by means of expansion anchors.

Question: What is the Warranty Period?

Answer: A standard warranty covers manufacturing defects and is active for 12 months.

Q: How is the cover attached to the frame?

Answer: Velcro loops are used that are sewn to the cloth and hold it in more than 40 locations covering more than 20% of the frame surface.

Question: Can the garage be locked?

Answer: Yes

 Q: Is the garage enough to protect my treasure from snow and hail?

Answer: The snow load is 0.5kN / m2

Q: How is it packaged?

Answer: Each garage is packed in 1 or more boxes (depending on size and weight) Each box is labeled and well sealed to ensure it arrives safely and securely every time.

Q: How is the garage delivered?

Answer: With a courier to your door. We will contact you before shipping to arrange for your time.

Q: Is there any protection from the sun?

Answer: The fabric has 30+ UV protection

Question: Is the garage waterproof?

Answer: The fabric of the garage has an interlayer of polyethylene (PU) and professionally sealed seams, which together achieve 700 mm waterproof rating.

 Question: Is it refractory?

Answer: The garage fabric is tested and meets the CPAI-84 standard for fire resistance, which means that in case of accidental fire (for example from a cigarette), the material will burn out only in this place without the risk of spreading flames.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.